About me

The process of learning is extremely important for me. We can use it as a tool that will improve our financial and social situation that will help us to enhance our prospects of achieving our goals.  With those values in mind and the idea of improving my own and others’ biographies, I chose Pedagogy as a bachelor degree.

I founded a local organization focused on leisure and insertion activities for “deprived” or “at risk” youth. More than sixty people joined me, and together we conducted fifteen events. One of them became the most successful event of our organization, having an attendance of two thousand people.

I opened a restaurant. I had been working as a waitress to pay my tuitions and I thought I needed more challenges, a new path to help me improve my situation. My ambition encouraged me to climb another step and, with confidence, I became my own boss. Since the opening, I have been striving to learn something new every day. I have improved my problem-solving skills and my creativity to face difficult and new situations. I still remember how I studied hiding in the kitchen while I was preparing the meal for some customers or how I barely slept 4 hours per day.

I enrolled in a political party in my last year of college as I wanted to stay up-to-date with all the direct and indirect decisions of the local and regional government.  After one year of hard work, my party decided I was the perfect candidate to run for a regional position. Unfortunately, we did not win, but that experience transformed my life and my perception of the system.

After that, I moved to London, then to New York City and now I am living in the Bay Area, California, learning to code with the idea of becoming a Web Developer.

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